Visual Technology

Obtain the digtal communication, creative and marketable skills necessary for today's technology-driven workforce in our Entrepreneuer Technology Center. The goal of this program is to assist students who have a specific interest in Visual Technology - VizTech. We offer Computer Graphic Design, Introduction to Adobe Photoshop, Introduction to Web Page Design, Introduction to Digital Photography and Basic Drawing Techniques.

Introduction to Graphic Design
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

This course is an introduction to visual principles as the basis of graphic design communication, elements and issues of visual language. Covers the manipulation of graphic form to convey meaning, strategies for idea generation and development of unique concepts, and the designer's role as visual storyteller.

This course shows you how to use Photoshop to perform many different image processing techniques. In this course, you will learn how to use several tools for selecting parts of images, and will move, duplicate and resize images. You will learn to use layers, layer effects, filters, painting and blending, and color modification. Also, you will learn how to create images of different formats for different applications.

Introduction to Digital Photography

This course is an introduction to digital photography. Students will learn basic camera techniques and how to convert their images to digital ones. This course will provide the student with basic aesthetic principles as well as an extensive range of practical photographic techniques needed for entry into the photographic workplace and/or for artistic expression.

Basic Drawing Techniques

The goal of this program is to focus on building fundamental drawing skills. Students will learn basic techniques such as shading, controlling tones, composition and drawing methods.

*Based on Enrollment and Eligibility Requirements