Counseling Services


The Long Island Educational Opportunity Center provides counseling services for all students enrolled in the program. The counseling and the instructional staff, work very closely to ensure students that their educational needs will be met. The combined resources of counselors and the instructional staff provide the skills, support and guidance needed by students to survive in the educational arena.

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Career/Job Development


CAREER SERVICES ARE HERE FOR YOU!  Seeking employment requires a great deal of planning, persistence, and most important, a positive attitude. The LIEOC Placement Department is here to help you in all aspects of your job search activities. We offer counseling services, workshops and group discussions on:


   * Career Exploration, Career Counseling and Career Development

   * Resume and cover letter development instruction

   * Job Search Techniques

   * Interviewing Skills

   * How to Advance on the Job and in Career



        ~ Job Placement Form                                     ~ College Placement Form


Job Resources

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        ~ New York State Dept. of Labor                    ~ Job Bank

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College Connection


The College Connection program integrates the 21st Century approach. This initiative helps students enhance their researching skills while identifying their post-secondary options. College Connection provides students with the technological foundation for completing applications online and accessing the necessary tools used by colleges, universities, and financial aid resources. 


To receive additional information about the College Connection programs please click here, to complete and submit the inquiry form to the College Connection Coordinator.