Our Mission

The Long Island Educational Opportunity Center (LIEOC) prepares eligible members of our communities to foster the academic and workforce development skills necessary to become self-sufficient, self-directed, empowered, and committed to excellence. Residents of the surrounding Long Island community are provided a range of programs and services structured to adapt to the needs of our adult learners in addition to the demands of our communities. LIEOC faculty and staff practice collective leadership and shared responsibility to propel our students to become productive members of a diverse and global community.

Our Goals

  • To shape our students into productive members of their local communities and enable them to find their place within the global marketplace.
  • To provide our students with foundational and transferable skills that will serve them throughout their lives.
  • To maintain a connection to the skill needs of local business and industry in order to mirror those needs in the workforce and academic curricula offered at the LIEOC.
  • To collaborate with local colleges to ensure the academic preparation curriculum at the LIEOC provides the knowledge, skills and attitudes expected of contemporary college freshmen.
  • To maintain a student-centered culture focused on the educational, workforce development, and citizenship needs and wants of our students.
  • To build and maintain a professional learning community in which faculty and staff come together in the spirit of collegiality in order to meet the needs of our students and stakeholders locally and statewide.